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Plastic PTC Heater with Shell
PTC heater with shell 1. Configuration. Other configurations are shown in the picture of “Various kinds of aluminum shells” 2. Some samples of uses. 1) Aluminum shell. It is very easy to fit, constant temperature, safty, long last time. PTC heater is very
PTC Heater with Aluninum Shell
May 9, Han sent the Group to join hands hi smart appliances held electric heating table brand strategic cooperation press conference. Korean faction smart electric heating table come out. At present, there has been a collection of pressure cookers, washin
Intelligent Toilet Seat Heater
TianChengQianHai is an ISO 9001 certificated company specialized in manufacturing and marketing intelligent toilet seat heater. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also offers you free sample, customized service as well
Humidifier Heating Tube
Product Name:Humidifier heating tube 1. Application:heating; 2. Model Number: ZSJC-TG-FRG-B-002; 3. Specifications: 100V-240V/50W-100W; 4. Dimension: Customized 5.mica board insulation, high temperature resistance;
Water Jacket Heating
Water heater 1. Configuration. Various materials. 1) Aluminium shell or pipe, it is cheaper, but not good in resistance to corrosion. 2) Brass or copper shell or pipe, it is good in resistance to corrosion. But it costs higher. 3) Ceramic shell, it’s good
Electrode PTC Heating Pellet Electrodes in 2 PlansPTC/sidesPTC Heating Pellet
1.Configuration. There are three types of structures, electric contacts on large sides, electric contacts on one side (the number of China national patent 201120015949.0), used for SMT. For customer’s convenience, we provide assembled heating elements: PT
PTC Water Heating Element
Quick Details Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: TIANCHENG Model Number: MZ9U series water heating element: PTC self controlling heater PTC heater plate: PTC heating plate PTC water heating element Boiling water warming : reservior w
Heater for Vapor Generator
 Vapor generator 1. Configuration. 2. Some samples of uses Vapor generator is used to boil water and evaporate from liquid to gas state. The steam can add humidity in air, add water on face, sterilize the cooking appliance, or for sauna purpose. 3. Notic
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