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Through Heating Heating Element for Drink Warmer/ Boiler
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Product: Views:372Through Heating Heating Element for Drink Warmer/ Boiler 
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Water heater

1. Configuration.






Transflux heater

Water transflux  hole of theheater

Large power, quick heating

Water must flow by itself or by a pump.

Watercan be heated in tap water supply


Heater immerge at bottom of water tank

Heat quiet water, with uniform temperature

Rising time is too long to heat the water in whole tank

Fit for large power

Underside  heater

Heater is placed underside the tank

Heat quiet water, with uniform temperature

Rising time is too long to heat the water in whole tank

Fit to maintain temperature of water

Double insulators heater

With two layers insulators and two metal shells

Top safety

Higher cost

No electric leakage on surface when PTC was burn

periphery of pipe heater

Around the periphery of metal  pipe

The heater can contact the pipe very fit

The power can not be large; energy can not be used very effectively

Suitable for the situation the pipe can not be changed

Temperature control water heater

Withatemperature controller, the temperature of the water can be adjusted

The temperature of water Can be controlled with accuracy of 4℃

Larger volume of the system, more cost.

Suitable for the situationnecessary to controlthe temperature of water

Various materials. 

1) Aluminium shell or pipe, it is cheaper, but not good in resistance to corrosion. 

2) Brass or copper shell or pipe, it is good in resistance to corrosion. But it costs higher. 

3) Ceramic shell, it’s good in resistance to corrosion. But its heating power could not be very large. 

4) Stainless steel or titanium shell or pipe, it is very excellence for preventing corrosion, and meets food safe standard. But it costs higher and has bigger bulk. China patent number: ZL 2011 2022 0811.4, ZL 2011 2022 0805.9.

5) Anti-corrosion coated aluminum shell, it is corrosion resistance, and prevent incrustant, but the cost is quite high.

2. Some samples of uses.

PTC water heater could be used for shower, footbath, washing hand, vegetable and dish, drink warmer and boiler, fermenter, tea warmer, coffee warmer, milk warmer, vapor generator, sauna bath.

They could be used in heating diesel oil, gasoline or other liquid. Using PTC as a heating element could prevent the oil burning, it’s safer.

3. Notice in appliance.

PTC as a heating element, it fits for high safety, slap-up product. In some situations, it’s low cost and convenient.

The electric power of PTC water heater changes with the temperature of water. The higher is the temperature of water, the smaller is the power. 

Using higher switch temperature PTC can get higher power, 220~270℃switch temperature PTC is selected usually. But if select too high switch temperature, the reliable will reduce. 

Power is almost same to change the voltage twice or decrease of 1/2. 

TianChengQianHai is an ISO 9001 certificated company specialized in manufacturing and marketing through heating heating element for drink warmer/ boiler. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also offers you free sample, customized service as well as quotation consultation service.